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Are you interested in helping?

There are many things you can do to collaborate with our association. Here we leave you some of the most urgent needs that we have right now. If you have any other idea, you can always contact us and tell us about it. Of course, we need money to carry out our projects, but if you have more time to offer than money, if you are following us and think you could help us with a specific issue, if you know how to make bracelets ... you can contact us, tell us who you are, and how you would like to help , and we will write to see how we can organize ourselves.


If you are interested in having your donation deducted on your next annual tax declaration


Become a member, or direct debit your donation to help us financially


If you only want to make a deposit or transfer

If you also want to collaborate for free and anonymously.


Donación puntual

One-time donation

If you want to collaborate with us on a one-time basis, or you have organized an event to collaborate with our project, you can make a one-off transfer to the account indicated above. If it is any of these cases, feel free to tell us how you met us, or what event you have organized to collaborate. If you don't want to, we would not make it public, but it is always light-hearted to hear from people involved.

Donación Periódica

Periodic donation

Our project requires a fixed expense in order to pay the salary that we offer to our psychologist. Therefore, it is also necessary for us to have a predetermined income of money that we can count on. To do this, you can schedule a periodic transfer from your bank, or ask us to make a direct debit to your account. You can also link this donation to your membership fee, which will give you the right to speak and vote at LUMA's annual meeting, as well as access to information on all our actions and first-hand movements.

Caixa Popular
IBAN: ES50 3159 0077 0026 9496 0127

Donación desgravable

Tax-deductible donation

These donations can be deducted from the treasury, and we manage them through the Ad Gentes Foundation, which helps us with tax procedures, and sends 100% of your donation to our project. To use this mode, you can go to their website, and indicate in the concept "PsicoHonduras Project" or "Eta Emergency". They will contact you, and will send you the necessary proof so that you can deduct taxes on your income statement.



If you are a believer (of whatever confession it may be), it is always good that you pray for our project. We are very excited, and we want to do the best we can, so a little prayer never hurts, and if there are more, better!

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