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Our mission

Our mission is:

"To promote the integral development of people."


We provide people with the necessary tools for their integral development, offering them access to decent health, psychological and educational assistance.

Our vision

"We want a world without inequalities, in which all people can truly enjoy physical, mental and spiritual health."


Our vision is that all men, women, girls and boys in the world can experience both personal and social resources to fully grow as humans, reaching their maximum potential.


The complete development of a person, affects a sustainable improvement of society, making it more fair and supportive.



We don't keep anything for ourselves.



Serving others is vital for us. 



Teamwork is fundamental and an integral part of our identity.



Our mission is carried out from and for the enrichment of people.



We adapt to the different changes and realities.



We can't remain silent when we see an injustice and must act accordingly.

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