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A little more about our projects

Para entender lo que hacemos, necesitamos explicaros dónde actuamos...

To understand what we do, we need to explain where everything takes place...


Honduras is located in the heart of Central America, it is a small country, with about 9 million inhabitants, being children and youth the majority of them.
It is an extremely poor country, product of corruption and damage caused by floods that hurricanes and tropical storms bring with them as they make their way through the earth.
Honduras lacks the essentials: decent housing, permanent employment, adjusted wages to the cost of living, health, education, etc. This situation brings, as a consequence, serious problems such as crime and illicit associations that lead the country to a very uncertain future.


In these years, illegal immigration, mostly to the United States of America, has become one of the biggest problems to deal with. These are young people who undertake this dangerous route seeking for better opportunities. Meanwhile, the elderly are left with the concern of not having a job or a pension that allows them to live with dignity.
Another highly vulnerable sector is made up of women, youth and children. Normally, motherhood begins at a very early age, so they do not usually finish school, with the family, personal, and health consequences that this implies .

LUMA in Honduras


LUMA is an association that is still growing. We have thought of uncountable projects: hiring a psychologist who can attend all the people in the colony, organizing the medical dispensary to make better use of resources, hiring a teacher to give classes to those who need it and show them how to read, create a shelter for minors ...


However, we have to go step by step. That is why we have decided to start with one of them, called "PsicoHonduras"

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