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About us

LUMA is an association that was born in the summer of 2019 in Honduras, more specifically in Nuevo San Juan, a neighborhood located near the city of San Pedro Sula. We founded this association along with some members of the volunteer team who have been going there, in summer, for four years.

Since it was created, volunteers have been joining. Even though they do not have experience in those places, they do share our concerns, and wanted to collaborate by giving their knowledge and skills.

Our stays in Honduras, meeting people, made us realise that we wanted to be more involved, and take our commitment beyond the volunteer periods. For this to occur, it was necessary for us to organize ourselves and ask for help.

In this way, we could not only initiate the necessary actions in Nuevo San Juan, but we could also show the rest of the world, some of their realities.

What does LUMA mean?

LUMA has several meanings aside of what it means for us.

The Garífuna are a community that live on the Caribbean coast. They have an African origin, and its language is the third most widely spoken language in Honduras, after Spanish and Lenca. In Garífuna, "luma" means "to accompany", which is our main aim. To accompany those that experience difficulties and sadness, to accompany in their joys and in their growth. We want to accompany you in your dreams. And that is the existential meaning of LUMA. 
In addition, these years we have discovered the potential of hard team work and its effect on people. We have experienced, in first person (plural), an important statement: the efforts of many people do not add up, but multiply. We have discovered that The Union LUMAdds.

When many people join their strengths, the outcome is multiplied.

Our logo

Our logo expresses all the previous concepts in the form of a fabric. Those threads, individually, seem delicate, insignificant or purposeless. When weaving them, they form part of a consistent fabric, building shapes, textures and colours that, without the union of each of those threads, would not exist.

On the other hand, the different colours are an expression of the diversity of the people who make up the association, and are inspired by the vibrant colours of Honduras.


This logo is a donation from our very talented designer Sara Ferreras (Sarandipia).

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