PsicoHonduras Project

The poor situation in the country has lead to many negative consequences for the citizens, such as low self-esteem, aggressiveness, family disruption, addictions, emotional and external disorders, suicide attempts, learning and relationship problems, school dropouts, children in situation of helplessness and organized violence amongst others.

To address the handful of problems, we consider personalized support and reeducation, necessary to train people in the management of personal situation and provide the necessary equipment to help them solve these problems in their lives.

This accompaniment must be carried out in the area, in a continuous, planned and qualified manner. To do this, we think about the need for psychological care, which provides those who can benefit with the necessary specialized assistance.  


Given that the socioeconomic level in general makes access to this type of professionals impossible, we thought that it was our aim to facilitate it. 

The main objective of this project is to hire a local psychologist to provide psychological assistance to all those who request it. In this way, we intend to support the citizens, influencing their mental health, and accompany them in their situation.

Right now, Carlos, is working on the ground, a psychologist from the municipality. He has experience in dealing with children and young people, and knows the reality of those which are going to benefit from his help. 

Remarkable figures

Carlos's work began on October 7th. 

The budget for the complete Project for this course is € 7,773, including the salary and insurance of the psychologist, electricity and water costs, etc.

The cost of full psychological assistance for a child is € 145 per year, although Carlos will also do group workshops for adults, and talks at the public institute and at school.

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